Transplanting The Beard and Side-Burns

A modern single follicle hair transplant has the capacity to go beyond restoring the hairline and improving scalp hair density. The surgeons at HairCareMD can artfully fill patchy loss and shape the side-burns, eyebrows, and beard. Hair may be lost in these areas from trauma, infection, congenital (patches that never grew), over-plucking, electrolysis, or an underlying medical condition. Fortunately, most patients are candidates for transplant. Once transplanted, the new hair grows for life without any additives or maintenance.

The following example shows a male patient who had a facelift. The side-burns became distorted and there was a triangular absence of hair. A hair transplant was performed to fill in this patchy loss. The result is natural, and the work is invisible.

Side Burn Hair Transplant NYC HairCareMD

Side Burn Hair Transplant NYC Hair Restoration

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