A Video Presentation of Traction Alopecia

Each patient is given individualized care at HairCareMD. We understand that each patient has a unique pattern of hair loss, specific donor hair characteristics, and motivations and goals. During the consultation, your motivations and goals will be discussed. A plan will be constructed to best help you reach your hair restoration goals.

In this case, the patient presented with long standing hair loss near his hairline. This occurred after a childhood of traction alopecia from wearing a tight bun. Traction alopecia is a scarring alopecia, which means that medicine and time will not revive the hair follicles. The follicles are scarred and will not grow. Traction alopecia occurs when continued painful tension is placed on the hair follicles. The solution is a hair transplant. In this case, Dr. Benjamin Paul performed and FUE (follicular unit extraction) and moved 2000 follicles to the zones of prior traction alopecia.

The results have provided a life changing improvement for this patient. We are excited to share his video testimonial with you.

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