Stress and Hair Thinning?

Hair Loss Doctor New York CityDr. Benjamin Paul was recently featured in the "Target Stress" campaign by Nutrafol, a vitamin used to help reduce stress and grow hair.

Today's environment has more stress than ever before, and "Today's stress is tomorrow's hair thinning". Dr. Paul recommends that patients do all they can to reduce external stressors and internal stress. External stress reduction is not always possible, but planning and good decision making may help reduce unnecessary stress. In addition to controlling the external factors that bring stress, there are certain ways to reduce the internal stress. Nutrafol vitamin has "stress adaptogens" that help to reduce cortisol and reduce stress in the body. There are three major versions of Nutrafol; Men, Women (pre-menopausal) and Women's Balance (post-menopausal). If you are interested to see if Nutrafol is a fit for you or a loved one, we encourage you to reach out to the practice and seek out a consultation to discuss your concerns and learn what the best options for your hair and your body.

Nutrafol is the only clinically tested hair growth supplement to address stress as a key root cause of thinning hair. Click Here

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