How long after transplant does it take to see a result?

The result from a hair transplant continues to improve for one and a half years after transplant, but why?

The reason is that when a transplant is performed, hair is transferred from the back of the head (donor site) to a site of thinning (recipient site, often the front of the head). The hair will grow for some time and then will shed. Not all hairs shed on the same day. After the transplant hair sheds, the hair follicle rests, then regrows new hair. Since all hairs do not cycle following the same timeline, it takes about a year and a half for all the hairs to be in growth mode. The average hair grows for 6 years, then cycles in a shed, rest and regrowth pattern. Most hairs will shed between 3 weeks and 3 months, but not all. Most people see growth by 8 months after transplant. The following female patient is 1 year after transplant and loving her growth.

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