Dr. Benjamin Paul was interviewed for Men’s Health Magazine, where he described the basics of PRP for male hair loss

Men's Health MagazinePRP, platelet rich plasma, is a liquid derived from the patient’s own blood rich with growth factors. During a visit, a patient’s blood is drawn, centrifuged, and the platelets and plasma are extracted. Inside the platelets are growth factors. A process known as “activation” helps to bring the growth factors out of the platelets and into the plasma solution. The solution is the microinjected into the scalp. A visit takes 30 minutes and results last anywhere from 6-8 months. Many patients elect to repeat treatments 2-3 times a year.

Dr. Paul recommends you to consider this treatment if you are shedding and if you are experiencing miniaturization (poor growth and thinning) of your hair. PRP works very well with other hair loss treatments. Your individualized treatment plan will be determined at your consult. We look forward to meeting you and helping you with your hair loss.

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