How do you create a natural hairline?

The hairline frames the face. If the hairline is un-natural, it can be an immediate giveaway that work was done. To craft a natural hairline, HairCareMD have How To Create A Natural Hairlineperfected a set of precautions and rules to ensure an optimized result:

  1. The hairline is led by single-hair follicular units. The follicular unit is the fundamental seed from which hair grows. Each follicular unit may have 1, 2, 3 or even 4 hairs. The single hairs must be used to line the first few rows of the hairline.
  2. The hairline must be “irregularly irregular”. The hairline must not be straight. There must be macro- and micro-irregularities. The undulating hairline is difficult to trace with the eye.
  3. The angulation of the hair changes across the hairline. We avoid a “picket fence” deformity by following the natural shifts in angulation of the hairline.
  4. The hairline must not be set too low. The location of the center of the hairline, called the widow’s peak, must be placed with respect the shape of the forehead and height above the eyebrows. Additionally, the height of the face is factored into framing and placement.
  5. The angle between the front hair and the temple hair must not get “blunted”. There is a natural change in direction that must be respected and not over-filled at the transition points of the hairline.

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