How long does a hair transplant last?

At HairCareMD, a hair transplant involves moving hair from the back of the head (the donor site) to an area of thinning or loss (the recipient site). Since the donor hair grows for life, the result of a hair transplant is a permanent enhancement.

One may ask why the donor hair grows for life? Are all hairs not the same?

The short answer is that the hair in the donor site is genetically distinct from the hair on the top of the head. We have all surely seen mature bald men with a horseshoe of remnant hair. It is this horseshoe hair that persists for life and is the “donor” hair. The donor hairs tend to be androgen insensitive (they are not influenced by Testosterone or the more potent, Dihydrotestosterone). Upon transfer, donor hairs maintain their genetic code and remain insensitive to androgens. A transplant when you are in your 20s will still be benefiting you in the golden years of later life.

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