The Female Hairline

Female Hairloss HairlineThe female hairline plays an important role in facial framing. There are a few reasons why your hairline may not be the way you want it. In some cases, you may be born with a hairline that is higher than where you want it. This situation is common, and the hairline may be lowered through transplant. Another reason for loss of the hairline is from a tight hair style leading to "traction alopecia". You hair style should never hurt. This form of hair loss is permanent and due to scarring. This may also be repaired with hair transplant. There are a few additional causes of hairline loss that require medical attention such as frontal fibrosing alopecia. If you are concerned about your hairline, we are here for you.

The following patient had a hairline she wished to have lowered to improve facial framing and to reinforce the hairline itself. The before photo was taken just prior to the hair transplant, and the after photo was taken 1 year later.

Female hairline Female hairline

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