Female Hair Transplant

As many as 40% of women will have visible hair thinning, a widened part, and increased scalp show. The good news is that hair transplants are successful in women and produce a permanent improvement. In a hair transplant, donor hair that grows for life in the back of the head is moved to an area of thinning, often in the front. Nothing clumpy is moved, rather single follicles (or seeds) from which hair grows are transplanted. The distribution, angulation, and artistry of the placement of these hair follicles leads to beautiful and natural results.

A hair transplant takes one day to perform. Patients are awake and local numbing medicine is used. During the procedure, hair is moved with the follicle (seed) from the donor site and planted in the recipient site. Women do NOT need to shave their head. Most are able to work from home within two days and are back at work a few days later in the office.

There is a heightened interest in female hair transplant as the transplants do not require daily maintenance to keep or to grow. We encourage you to look at the results of women who have chosen hair transplant to combat thinning. You will notice the hair looks fuller, natural, and beautiful.

Female Hair Transplant NYC

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