What is the best method of hair transplant?

Patients often wonder, “what is the best method of transplant for me”. I have heard that the best hair transplant may be follicular unit extraction but other places that I look suggest that follicular unit transfer is the best type of hair transplant. In NYC, what is the best hair transplant?

Hair transplant has evolved and improved tremendously in the past two decades. Gone are the days of plugs and large groups of hairs and hair follicles. Modern hair transplants focus on moving single hair units, known as follicles. The follicles can have one, two, three, and sometimes four hairs. The single hairs are used to line the hairline and the larger units are used to enrich density in the recipient area.

The two best methods to isolate the hair follicle are follicular unit transfer (FUT, also known as the strip) and follicular unit extraction (FUE, also known as the dots technique). Each of these techniques harvests a single follicle unit. A strip technique, FUT, involves taking an ellipse of skin and hair from the donor site in the low back of the head. Individual units of hair and hand dissected. This is considered the gold standard as delicate hair can be isolated delicately. The dots method, FUE, involves using a small microdrill to release the cylindrically shaped follicles from the skin. The result is an isolation of the follicular unit without the formation of a linear incision line or scar. Patients find that both methods are very low on the pain scale and very effective at creating a beautiful change. To learn more about the best and most modern forms of hair transplant, we encourage you to explore our hair transplant page at HairCareMD.

Best Method of hair transplant

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