The Art to Lowering the Female Hairline

For a variety of reasons, women may ask to have a lower hairline. Like all things, there is an art to achieving a natural result when lowering the hairline. For both men and women. the goal is to achieve facial harmony and balance, and the hairline is an important frame for the face. Every face can be divided into horizontal thirds.

The bottom third rests between the base of the nose and the chin, the middle third is between the eyebrows and the base of the nose, the upper third is the forehead, which rests between the central hairline (widow's peak) and the eyebrows (glabella).  Often, a high forehead can make for an exaggerated or excessively large upper third.

There are two methods to lower a hairline

One method involves removing and ellipse of skin at the hairline and advancing the hairline into a lower position by moving the hair bearing scalp skin. This method can leave an incision line or scar.

The other method to lower the hairline is to move individual hairs and to set the hairline in the ideal position, this is a hair transplant. The hairline is made with single hair follicles. The angle of the follicles are matched to the patient's natural whorls and pattern. The result is beautiful and lasts a life time.

The following patient is 7 months after a hairline lowering hair transplant. One can see the boundary of the transplant (dots) and the result. 

Lowering the Female Hairline New York

Female Hairline Restoration New York

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