The Advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation

Despite all the surgical and non-surgical advances in hair restoration, the reflection of bare scalp is sometimes unable to be camoflauged and additional cosmetic techniques must be employed. The most common options include topical powder as well as scalp micropigmentation.

Scalp micropigmentation is a process in which small punctate (dot like) tattoos are placed between growing hair. The color is matched to the patient’s hair. The result is a shadowing of the scalp. This can be placed on the vertex (spot where men get a bald spot) or in the hairline. Patient’s may have multiple sessions to cover large surface areas of thinning. There are two major types of pigments used during scalp micropigmentation. One pigment lasts for 3 years then fades away. Another type of pigment is more permanent.

There are a few advantages of scalp micropigmentation over hair powder. Firstly, the result does not require daily maintenance. Secondly, there is no messy powder. Thirdly, there is no risk of you jump into a pool or ocean, or get caught in the rain that you will have displacement and scalp show. Lastly, the procedure goes well with other treatments such as hair transplant or minoxidil topical therapy. Minoxidil and powder have long been at odds, because the powder can absorb minoxidil. Scalp micropigmentation does not interfere with minoxidil.

The following photo shows a patient who had scalp micropigmentation that had started to fade. The patient wished for more hair in the hairline. He underwent hair transplant with FUE. He may choose to do more scalp micropigmentation int he future, but for now, he is thrilled to have his hairline redefined.

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