4 Facts About Pregnancy and Postpartum Hair Loss

At HairCareMD, we are not just surgeons but also we have a large focus on medical hair restoration. Women's hair is greatly affected by pregnancy. Here are 4 facts about pregnancy and postpartum hair loss:

Facts about Pregnancy and Postpardum Hairloss

1) Pregnancy hair is lustrous.

During pregnancy, estrogen levels peak which greatly improves women's hair. The anagen (growth) phase is enhanced and there is a reduction in shedding. Hair shafts are thicker and your hair may grow faster.

2) Postpartum shedding can occur any time after your baby arrives.

After you give birth, there is an acute change in hormones. Estrogen levels that had been supporting your hair drop. Many women notice shedding of hair peaking at the 4-month mark, though hair loss may continue during the first year.

3) Postpartum shedding may be minimized with treatment.

Postpartum shedding may cause women to fear they are going bald. Some patients are concerned they are nutrient or vitamin deficient, but this is not really the cause of postpartum shedding. The cause is the hormonal shift the body experiences. There are treatments to stabilize the scalp and reduce shedding. Among the most popular recent treatments is PRP (platelet rich plasma). This is a growth-factor rich serum injected to improve the health and stability of the hair. Additionally, a volumizing shampoo (rather than a conditioning shampoo) can improve the appearance of the hair. Learn more about PRP Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Loss

4) Post-partum hair loss is temporary.

For the vast majority of women, time is friendly. With time, there is recovery of shock-loss hair that has occurred and a return to baseline. If you are concerned you are not returning to baseline or the degree of hair loss is worrying you, the doctors at HairCareMD can evaluate your hair and help you regain your hair effectively and quickly.

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